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Based in South San Francisco, Kezar Life Sciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to developing treatments for immune-mediated and oncologic disorders, hoping to help patients overcome their disease and live a better life. Kezar is pioneering first-in-class, small-molecule therapies that harness master regulators of cellular function and inhibit multiple drivers of disease via a single target. In modulating the function of profound intracellular regulators, Kezar’s medicines have the potential for significant clinical impact in the most difficult-to-treat diseases. KZR-616, a first-in-class selective immunoproteasome inhibitor, is being evaluated in severe autoimmune diseases. Additionally, KZR-261 is the first clinical candidate for the treatment of cancer from our protein secretion program and is undergoing IND-enabling activities for the program.

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Kezar Life Sciences, Inc.
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