Our Oncology Lead: KZR-261

First-in-Class Selective Protein Secretion Inhibitor

KZR-261 is the first drug developed from our in-house research and discovery efforts targeting protein secretion pathways. KZR-261 is a broad-spectrum, anti-tumor agent that acts through direct interaction and inhibition of the Sec61 translocon. The compound was discovered at Kezar through a robust medicinal chemistry campaign in which several scaffolds were progressed through our proprietary platform evaluating Sec61 modulation.

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Combination Therapy in a Single Drug

KZR-261 has demonstrated several encouraging properties that lead to its potential to be an anti-cancer agent for the treatment of solid and hematologic malignancies. Pre-clinical data to date have shown that KZR-261 blocked expression of numerous therapeutically relevant cancer targets and inhibited tumor growth in vivo, pointing to its potential to be a combination therapy in a single drug.

Clinical Trials

Investigational New Drug (IND) application accepted in the third quarter of 2021 and we have initiated a clinical trial with KZR-261 in solid tumors.